Introducing Three Necklace Lines

The Feeling of Kindness would like to introduce you to our three necklace lines, each designed with a unique meaning and as always handmade individually.



Our choker necklaces with freely swinging gilt medallions floating among colorful stones including lapis, quartz, onyx, jasper, aventurine, just to name a few (we work with almost every kind of stone imaginable). Like all of our necklaces, these are all assembled here in Austin and make us dream of all the memorable places and people we treasure.


Our Bodhi leaves are specially crafted and custom designed by myself and made from scratch by Zach of Rockcycled. These pendants originate as a sheet of Argentium silver. Each leaf is drawn onto a sheet of paper, cut from the silver, and oxidized. Finally, 24k gold leaf is fused to the silver surface using heat and pressure, an ancient Korean gilding technique known as Keum-Boo.

The leaves from the Bodhi tree, found in India, inspired me. Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya ca. 500 B.C.E., a place in India that is considered one of the holiest of Buddhist sites. Kindness is one of the core tenets of Buddhism and the Bodhi leaf is a wonderful reminder to uphold this value.


Centered around stones acquired during my global travels spanning the last 50 years and secured through a rock cutter or directly from a mine. With these necklaces, we design each individually with a unique style not found in our other pieces. They come together slowly and are crafted one piece at a time.