Lapis Lazuli Pendant. Gilt Brass Choker necklace


SOLD – Mined for thousands of years in a remote corner of Afghanistan – Sar-i-Sang, Kokcha Valley, close to Hindu Kush mountain range and only accessible several months of the year, in Badakhshan Province. Used in Islamic, European and Egyptian art objects as a pigment, as gem stone and as inlay material, lapis with its deep blue color and glittering lines of pyrite is still mined in the same barely accessible corner of Afghanistan now under the control of the Taliban and mainly exported to Pakistan and then to China for carving. I was fortunate to have seen lapis merchants in Peshawar, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan long time ago offering the deep blue hued lapis with gold colored pyrite crystal – typical of Afghan lapis.

Our choker necklace with lapis pendant and brass medallions. Contemporary flair. Very limited edition. Goes well with dress and on your skin! MORE INFO